Lampe Berger: Aromatherapy for Better Health

Lampe Berger Supplier in the Philippines


Botanical essential oils have been popularly used by the European aristocracy since the 19th century. The fragrances of these oils produce therapeutic effects which not only have calming and healing qualities, but also create an insect repelling, odor busting, disinfecting action.

In 1898, Dr. Maurice Berger, a French pharmacist, came up with an innovative technique which blended these essential oils with ozoalcool. He was able to achieve the desired effects by using a special catalytic burner that released the essential oils at a finely controlled temperature to produce optimum therapeutic benefits of the natural plant extracts. The invention of LAMPE BERGER and its special blends are regarded as revolutionary breakthroughs in the aromatherapy industry.

Over the century, LAMPE BERGER aromatherapy products have facilitated a remarkable improvement in the quality of air indoors, especially in hospitals. Since most essential oils are made from natural plant extracts, they offer a whole new alternative for an elegant and healthy lifestyle.

The essential oils are now regarded as luxury fragrances. Some of the scent diffusers have also become collectors' items.


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